Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is this service for free?

Ans: Yes, this service is for free

Q2. Do I need a credit card, ID card or any other identity document for validation?

Ans 1: No such details are required for registration. If you are a photographer, you are required to insert some details so people can find you based on specific requirements. Email address is used for security purpose and an activation link is sent to it during registration. Email address is also used as one of options to log in, so it is secured that nobody else will register with your email address.

Ans 2: As a person looking for photographer, again, only email address is required for registration due to activation link.

Q3. What is the difference between "Register" and "Offer Service"?

Ans: "Offer Service" is used for photographers and "Register" is for people who are looking for a photographer. People looking for a photographer do not need to register, however, in this case they can be limited in some functionalities which are available on our site.

Q4. What will happen if I will not activate my account within 24 hours after submitting of a form either as a photographer or as a person looking for a photographer?

Ans: You will need to fill all details and re-register once again until you will activate the account from your mail addresss.

Q5. What will I get if I will register?

Ans 1: As a photographer, you can present yourself, your work and people can find you always when they need you. You will also have all your photo-shootings organized on one place

Ans 2: As a person looking for a photographer, you can book photographer, chat with him and see all your past photo-sessions

Q6. How can I search for a photographer?

Ans: From our home page, select if you want to look for photo-style or photographer. For photo-style, insert at least location where you would like to look for photographer. If you know photographer`s name or company name, start typing it. If you know what photo style you are looking for, start typing it in "Select Category" field (e.g. wedding,family, etc). If you want a photographer for a specific date, use also this fields to narrow down the selection criteria and list only the corresponding results. Later on, you can sort results based on other details ascending or descending

Q7. What if I can`t find any photographer based on my criteria?

Ans If no results are listed, you can change a selection criteria in a filter section, where you can change price range, distance, rating etc.

Q8. What is availability calendar?

Ans: This calendar will show you if the photographer is free, partially booked, fully booked, not available or on vacation on your desired dates

Q9. What does term "Vacation" in availability calendar mean?

Ans: Term "Vacation" is used for photographers in order to set your temporary address for specific dates range. If you will set location and dates of your vacation, you can offer your services wherever you want and people can find and book you on this temporary location during this time. People looking for a photographer do not set their vacation as they look in a city where they need to. This includes also your temporary address.

Q10. Why can I add only 15 pictures in the gallery?

Ans: As the service is free, currently we allowed to insert 15 images per every photo-style you will add in your profile settings. We assume that this number is sufficient for presentation, however, we consider increasing this amount in the near future

Q11. Why can I add only 2 photo-shootings per day?

Ans: Based on discussions with photographers, we came to the conclusion, that 2 photo-shootings including retouch are manageable per day. We consider enhancement of this feature of course.

Q12. If I have any idea for an improvement or I would like to cooperate or support you, how can I do so?

Ans: We still have a long list of features to be implemented, however you are always welcome to drop us a mail via "Contact Us" and we will come back to you to discuss your ideas or proposals closer

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